Parking Committee

The purpose of the Parking Committee is to act as an advisory committee responsible for the review of parking issues on campus, reporting to the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

The Parking Committee shall make recommendations on issues related to campus parking including, but not limited to:

  • Review and comment on the five-year plan for parking needs, including new construction, maintenance of existing lots, lot lighting, transit agreements and alternative programs;
  • Review existing fee structures (e.g., permit and violations) to determine if these fees provide Transit & Parking Services the ability to achieve full cost recovery of its operation;
  • Review existing parking facilities for vehicles and bicycles on campus to determine future needs for additional parking and make recommendations for site locations;
  • Review transit agreements and make recommendations as to continuation, costs and possible routes;
  • Review parking rules and policies annually and provide recommendations and reasons for changes;
  • Review existing lot designation (faculty/staff and student/visitor) and recommend changes as needed. Make recommendations for designation of newly constructed parking facilities;
  • Make recommendations for alternatives that would reduce the traffic flow and parking needs on campus and how such programs could be implemented in regard to costs;

The Parking Committee shall make recommends to the Vice President of Finance and Administration to approve, approve with conditions or deny a proposal.


Meeting Minutes


Parking Committee Bylaws

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